Elvira Schaefer

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We have previously shown that mutation of the two tyrosines in the cytoplasmic domain of integrin subunit beta1 (Y783 and Y795) to phenylalanines markedly reduces the capability of beta1A integrins to mediate directed cell migration. In this study, beta1-dependent cell spreading was found to be delayed in GD25 cells expressing beta1A(Y783/795F) compared to(More)
The polycistronic mRNA encoding the nine genes of the unc operon of Escherichia coli was studied. We demonstrated the ribosome-binding capabilities of six of the nine unc genes, uncB, uncE, uncF, uncH, uncA, and uncD, by using the technique of primer extension inhibition or "toeprinting." No toeprint was detected for the other genes, uncI, uncG, and uncC.(More)
DB-Prism is an integrated data warehouse system developed for distributed financial and management controlling (data collection, processing, and reporting) at Deutsche Bank. It combines fine-granular availability of historical data with high-actuality reporting and planning facilities. Major components of interest include an OLAP system in the Terabyte(More)
The proto-oncogene Raf is a major regulator of growth and differentiation. Previous studies from a number of laboratories indicate that Raf activates a signaling pathway that is independent of the classic MEK1,2-ERK1,2 cascade. However, no other signaling cascade downstream of Raf has been identified. We describe a new member of the mitogen-activated(More)
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