Elvira Peringer

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Thirty five adults and two children with clinically isolated optic neuritis were examined by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to determine the presence of disseminated lesions within the brain at presentation and to compare these findings with the results of evoked potential studies. Of the adult patients, 61% showed lesions on the scans whereas the evoked(More)
The mechanism of selective production of methyl chloride by a reaction of methane, hydrogen chloride, and oxygen over lanthanum-based catalysts was studied. The results suggest that methane activation proceeds through oxidation-reduction reactions on the surface of catalysts with an irreducible metal-lanthanum, which is significantly different from known(More)
1 Oral doses of BW501 and methysergide administered to healthy volunteers inhibited the ex vivo platelet aggregation response to 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT). 2 Two volunteers received 100 mg BW501 and two received 10 mg BW501 and aggregation response was measured immediately pre drug and at 1,3 and 24 h post drug. After 100 mg BW501 the response to 5-HT was(More)
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