Elvira Mardones

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SPONTANEOUS tumours of the suprarenal cortex are rare in rodents. Adenomata were found in 3 out of 31,868 rats of various strains; the tumours appeared at 16 months or later; no transplantation was tried and no data about the functional condition of the 3 tumours are available (Curtis, Bullock and Dunning, 1931). Cortical adenomata in rats have been(More)
THE behaviour of the intrasplenic ovarian graft in the castrated guinea-pig has been studied in this Department since 1942. The graft shows two particu-larities: blood follicles which may appear as early as 3 weeks after transplantation and at 2 months are frequently cystically enlarged; and small nodules and cords of luteal cells, i.e., of eells whieh(More)
We measured the methylation of ribosomal proteins from the 30S and 50S subunits of Bacillus subtilis after growing the cells in the presence of [1-14C]methionine and [methyl-3H]methionine. Two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic analysis revealed a preferential methylation of the 50S ribosomal proteins. Proteins L11 and L16, and possibly L9, L10,(More)
EVIDENCE has been given in previous papers (Lipschutz, Ponce de Le6n, Woywood and Gay, 1946; Iglesias, Mardones and Lipschutz, 1953a) that luteo-mata develop in intrasplenic autografts in the castrated guinea-pig; in experiments lasting 10 to 36 mnonths these luteomata reached an incidence of about 60 per cent. They may replace the ovary completely ("(More)
CORTISONE which counteracted local growth of a transplanted non-meta-stasizing adenocarcinoma in mice stimulated production of metastases of the same tumour (Agosin et al., 1952). The finding of the Chilean group has been corroborated in work with other transplantable adenocarcinomata (Baserga 1952). In the work with the transplantable Krebs-II(More)