Elvira Khialeeva

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Reelin signaling is required for appropriate cell migration and ductal patterning during mammary gland morphogenesis. Dab1, an intracellular adaptor protein activated in response to reelin signaling, is expressed in the developing mammary bud and in luminal epithelial cells in the adult gland. Reelin protein is expressed in a complementary pattern, first in(More)
Here we report on the development of torsional magnetic microactuators for displacing biological materials in implantable catheters. Static and dynamic behaviors of the devices were characterized in air and in fluid using optical experimental methods. The devices were capable of achieving large deflections (>60°) and had resonant frequencies that ranged(More)
Here we demonstrate the functional capability of microfabricated magnetic actuators in clearing biological accumulation on a model catheter pore. Cell-clearing performance was quantitatively measured by comparing the effect of actuation on the cell density of aggressively growing adherent murine cells. Devices were actuated at a frequency of 100 Hz and a(More)
Genetic and environmental factors are both likely to contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders, including ASDs (autism spectrum disorders). In this study, we examined the combinatorial effect of two factors thought to be involved in autism--reduction in the expression of the extracellular matrix protein reelin and prenatal exposure to an organophosphate(More)
Genetic and environmental factors are both likely to contribute to neurodevelopmental disorders including schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorders, and major depressive disorders. Prior studies from our laboratory and others have demonstrated that the combinatorial effect of two factors-reduced expression of reelin protein and prenatal exposure to the(More)
Reelin is a regulator of cell migration in the nervous system, and has other functions in the development of a number of non-neuronal tissues. In addition, alterations in reelin expression levels have been reported in breast, pancreatic, liver, gastric, and other cancers. Reelin is normally expressed in mammary gland stromal cells, but whether stromal(More)
The reelin signaling pathway has been established as an important regulator of cell migration during development of the central nervous system, and disruptions in reelin signaling alter the positioning of many types of neurons. Reelin is a large extracellular matrix glycoprotein and governs cell migration through activation of multiple intracellular(More)
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