Elvira A Sedova

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Ultrasonic investigations of the abdominal organs and splanchnic veins were performed in essentially healthy subjects tilted at 12 degrees and 15 degrees for the period of 12 hrs. and 24 hrs. Tilting produced typical redistribution of venous blood and body liquids toward the cranial end. In its turn, blood redistribution caused excessive venous plethora and(More)
The effect of a diuretic on the ultrasound pattern of venous congestion in abdominal organs in a healthy subject staying in an antiorthostatic position (AOP, 15°) for 12 h was studied. After furosemide administration, the circulating plasma volume (CPV), total water content of the body, and extracellular fluid volume decreased more than without the(More)
Six male volunteers for dry immersion (DI) simulating microgravity effects in the human body were subjects in the study on the evacuation function of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). The investigation was aimed to evaluate liquid food evacuation from the stomach (the 13C-acetate test) and time of chymus orocecal transit (the H2-inulin test). The(More)
The functioning of the digestive system was investigated in ten volunteers after a seven-day dry immersion (DI). The experimental conditions were found to raise the secretory activities of the stomach, pancreas, and liver and to increase the spectral indices of the gastrointestinal tract’s (GIT) electrical activity against the background of an increased(More)
The skin electrical activity of the gastrointestinal tract in the stomach and small intestine frequency ranges was studied for four months in 13 men under the conditions of antiorthostatic hypokinesia (AOH). On an empty stomach, both the gastric and small intestine electrical activities increased to a level comparable with that of the increase detectable(More)
Functioning of the digestive system was investigated in 10 volunteers for 7-day dry immersion. The experimental conditions were found to raise secretory activities of the stomach, pancreas and liver, and to increase spectral indices of the GI electrical activity on the background of a higher than usual insular secretion and lowered gastrin secretion. The(More)
The space diets used in flight of five permanent Salyut-6 crews were instrumental in assuring their adequate nutritional status and work capacity required to fulfill flight programs. Some of them complained that sterile canned foods became distasteful; due to this, a space diet consisting of 65% freeze-dried foodstuffs was developed and tested.
The biological value of the protein component of three modifications of the Salyut space diet was measured in laboratory studies and in simulated space flights. Three experimental runs of up to 68 days in duration were carried out on 20 volunteers. During the study the following parameters of protein metabolism were measured: total protein and protein(More)
Ultrasound investigations (USI) of the liver, organs and vessels of the gastroduodenal area, as well as blood biochemistry, were performed in two groups of male volunteers on the 4th day of their stay in the conditions of “dry” immersion with and without the application of countermeasures, including the support load imitator (SLI) or high-frequency(More)
The development cycle of the elementary unit of a shoot system (EUS) and of perennial axes consisting of these shoots in adult plants of Andromeda polifolia L. was investigated in the Kola Peninsula. It was established that EUS is a monocarpic shoot consisting of 14–26 metameres with three-year life cycle. The cycle consists of four phases: the initial(More)