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Chemical profile and pharmacological effects of the resin and essential oil from Bursera slechtendalii: A medicinal "copal tree" of southern Mexico.
This study reports on the volatile profile and pharmacological activities of the essential oil and resin from Bursera slechtendalii, an aromatic medicinal tree commercialized in southern Mexico. TheExpand
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Revealing the 1H NMR metabolome of mirasol chili peppers (Capsicum annuum) infected by Candidatus Phytoplasma trifolii.
The infection of Capsicum annuum cv. mirasol by Candidatus Phytoplasma trifolii (16SrVI) causes devastating crop losses in northern Mexico. This study addresses the metabolomics profiling of mirasolExpand
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1H NMR-based metabolomic fingerprinting to determine metabolite levels in serrano peppers (Capsicum annum L.) grown in two different regions.
Chili pepper (Capsicum annuum) is the most important and emblematic condiment in Mexican food. Serrano pepper is a variety of C. annuum that is traditionally cultivated in Mexico and commercializedExpand
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Total 1H NMR assignment of 3β-acetoxypregna-5,16-dien-20-one
This work describes the total and unambiguous assignment of the 750 MHz (1)H NMR spectrum of 3β-acetoxypregna-5,16-dien-20-one or 16-DPA (1), the well-known intermediate utilized in the synthesis ofExpand
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1H NMR-based metabolomic profiling for identification of metabolites in Capsicum annuum cv. mirasol infected by beet mild curly top virus (BMCTV).
Beet mild curly top virus (BMCTV) is associated with an outbreak of curly top in chili pepper, tomato and other Solanaceae species, which can cause severe crop losses. The aim of this work was toExpand
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Structure and absolute configuration of hydroxy‐bis‐dihydrofarinosin from Encelia farinosa
The structure of the dimeric eudesmanolide hydroxy‐bis‐dihydrofarinosin (1) from Encelia farinosa followed after contrasting their 1H and 13C NMR spectra with those of encelin (6),Expand
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New 2-acyl-1,3-dioxane derivatives from (1R)-(-)-myrtenal: stereochemical effect on their relative ability as chiral auxiliaries
Abstract Four 3,10-pinanediol derivatives 1a – d , prepared in 50–72% global yields from (1 R )-(−)-myrtenal 2 , were treated with (RO) 2 CHCOR 3 (R 3  = CH 3 , Ph) to afford 2-acyl-1,3-dioxanes 3a –Expand
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Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of a Phenyl Butyric Acid Derivative, N-(4-chlorophenyl)-4-phenylbutanamide: A HDAC6 Inhibitor with Anti-proliferative Activity on Cervix Cancer and
BACKGROUND The epigenetic regulation of genes in cancer could be targeted by inhibiting Histone deacetylase 6 (HDAC6), an enzyme involved in several types of cancer such as lymphoma, leukemia,Expand
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1H NMR-based metabolomics profiling of ten new races from Capsicum annuum cv. serrano produced in Mexico.
Herein we report on the 1H NMR-based metabolomics profiling of ten new races of Capsicum annuum cv. serrano, cultivated in Mexico. Forty eight metabolites (including sugars, amino acids, organicExpand
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1H NMR-based fingerprinting of eleven Mexican Capsicum annuum cultivars.
Approximately 90% of the chili peppers consumed in the world are harvested in Mexico. The present article describes the untargeted 1H NMR-based metabolomic profiling of 11 cultivars of CapsicumExpand
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