Elton Gargioni Grisoste Barbosa

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The bdelloid rotifer, Adineta ricciae, an anhydrobiotic microinvertebrate, exhibits a high rate of horizontal gene transfer (HGT), with as much as 10% of its transcriptome being of foreign origin. Approximately 80% of these foreign transcripts are involved in metabolic processes, and therefore bdelloids represent a useful model for assessing the(More)
Among current strategies for the development of drought-tolerant plants, engineering transcription factors that regulate the expression of genes related to abiotic stress is promising. Soybean plants overexpressing the transcription factor AtAREB1, which is involved in abscisic acid (ABA)-dependent stress responses, were generated using biolistics. Embryos(More)
The form of RNA processing known as SL trans-splicing involves the transfer of a short conserved sequence, the spliced leader (SL), from a noncoding SL RNA to the 5' ends of mRNA molecules. SL trans-splicing occurs in several animal taxa, including bdelloid rotifers (Rotifera, Bdelloidea). One striking feature of these aquatic microinvertebrates is the(More)
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