Elston Seal

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BACKGROUND To date, to our knowledge, there is no systematic presentation of treatment outcome in large series of patients clinically diagnosed as having corticobasal degeneration. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the clinical presentation and treatment outcome of patients clinically diagnosed as having corticobasal degeneration. SUBJECTS We gathered case patients(More)
This case report illustrates the difficulties in making the clinical diagnosis of gallstone ileus. In addition to an unusual clinical picture, the changes normally expected on abdominal X-ray in gallstone ileus were subtle and missed in our patient. The diagnosis was made using abdominal computerised tomography (CT). We recommend the early use of abdominal(More)
To determine the influence of exercise on pulmonary dose of inhaled pollutants, we compared biomarkers of inhaled ozone (O3) dose and toxic effect between exercise levels in humans, and between humans and rats. Resting human subjects were exposed to labeled O3 ((18)O3, 0.4 ppm, for 2 hours) and alveolar O3 dose measured as the concentration of excess (18)O(More)
The diagnosis of dementia can be difficult, yet diagnostic accuracy has important prognostic and therapeutic implications. Nevertheless, conventional electroencephalography (EEG) has always played a secondary role in dementia investigation. More recently quantitative EEG (qEEG) has allowed more detailed and objective analysis of EEG data, but there is still(More)
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