Elsje Nieboer

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At physiologic pH values, histidine-containing nickel(II) oligopeptides reduced the flux of superoxide anion (O2) generated in the hypoxanthine/xanthine oxidase system. The postulated involvement of the Ni(III)/Ni(II) redox couple in this apparent dismutation receives indirect support from electron-spin resonance data. These complexes also catalyzed the(More)
Since the term allergy was introduced in the early years of this century a very diverse range of agents eliciting an allergic response has been identified. Among them, nickel was identified in 1925 and since then other metals, notably cobalt and chromium, have been shown to be implicated. Metal contact dermatitis can be initiated by a wide range of everyday(More)
A novel approach was developed using PDMS-substrates with surface-aligned nanotopography gradients, varying unidirectional in amplitude and wavelength, for studying cell behavior with regard to adhesion and alignment. The gradients target more surface feature parameters simultaneously and provide more information with fewer experiments and are therefore(More)
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