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Toxicity testing in AS52 cells (24-hr exposures) gave LC50 values of 2 to 130 micrograms Ni/ml for particulate nickel compounds and 45 to 60 micrograms Ni/ml for water-soluble salts (NiCl2, NiSO4, Ni(CH3COO)2). The Ni(OH)2, NiCO3, and sulfides (Ni3S2, Ni7S6, "amorphous NiS") exhibited similar toxicities (LC50's of 2 to 8 micrograms Ni/ml), while three(More)
A novel approach was developed using PDMS-substrates with surface-aligned nanotopography gradients, varying unidirectional in amplitude and wavelength, for studying cell behavior with regard to adhesion and alignment. The gradients target more surface feature parameters simultaneously and provide more information with fewer experiments and are therefore(More)
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