Elsie M. Sunderland

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Pregnant albino rats were placed on a complete liquid diet (Ensure) containing either 9% ethanol or an isocaloric amount of sucrose between the third and twentieth day of gestation. The pups born to these rats were sacrificed either day 11 or day 14 postnatum and morphometrical, histological and biochemical analyses were done on their cerebellums and(More)
Dendrodendritic synapses from swine olfactory bulbs were isolated by homogenization of the gray layer, followed by centrifugation at 1000 X g. Centrifugation of the supernatant at 10,000 X g revealed that all dendrodendritic synapses had pelleted at 1000 X g. The upper portion of the 1000 X g pellet was further purified in a discontinuous sucrose gradient,(More)
Seafood consumption is the primary route of methylmercury (MeHg) exposure for most populations. Inherent uncertainties in dietary survey data point to the need for an empirical tool to confirm exposure sources. We therefore explore the utility of Hg stable isotope ratios in human hair as a new method for discerning MeHg exposure sources. We characterized Hg(More)
Consideration is given to the regular recording of parathenar distal loops (Pa) and hypothenar radial arches (Ar) in palmar dermal topology. Frequencies are given for four British populations (the North Pennine Dales, the Mid Welsh Borderland, Pembrokeshire and Ireland) and regional variation noted together with sex and bimanual differences. Both Pa and Ar(More)
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