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The pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic (PK-PD) relationship of the granulopoietic effects of Filgrastim in healthy volunteers was characterized via a population approach. Healthy male volunteers were enrolled into a four-way crossover clinical trial. Subjects received four single doses of Filgrastim (375 and 750 micrograms i.v. and s.c.) with an intervening(More)
The effects of thrombopoietic stimulation on megakaryocytopoiesis, platelet production, and platelet viability and function were examined in normal volunteers randomized to receive single bolus subcutaneous injections of 3 microg/kg pegylated recombinant megakaryocyte growth and development factor (PEG-rHuMGDF) or placebo in a 3:1 ratio. PEG-rHuMGDF(More)
Thrombopoietin (TPO) is the physiologic Mpl-ligand regulating platelet production. Pegylated human recombinant megakaryocyte growth and development factor (PEG-rHuMGDF), a truncated polypeptide Mpl-ligand derivitized with poly-(ethylene glycol), induces megakaryocyte endoreduplication and proliferation in vitro and in vivo. In the present study, the(More)
BACKGROUND Our specific aim was to investigate whether the donation process hindered or ameliorated the bereavement process for organ donor families, specifically with regard to depression, post-traumatic stress and grief. METHODS Using the British Columbia Transplant Society (BCTS) database, we mailed packages to donor families who consented to and(More)
This report examines the effects on hematopoietic regeneration of pegylated recombinant human megakaryocyte growth and development factor (PEG-rHuMGDF) (2.5 micrograms/ kg/d) alone and in combination with recombinant human granulocyte colony stimulating factor (rHu-GCSF) (10 micrograms/ kg/d) for 21 days in rhesus macaques receiving intense marrow(More)
The bioavailability of three formulations of ivermectin was determined following oral administration to dogs. The average peak plasma level (Cmax) of ivermectin administered in the standard tablet formulation at 6 and 100 micrograms/kg of body weight was 2.97 and 44.31 ng/g, respectively. This suggest dose-dependent pharmacokinetics. Cmax and total(More)
A single injection of > or =10 microg/kg PEG-rHuMGDF in mice causes a dose-dependent increase in circulating platelets beginning on day 3 and peaking on days 5-6. The mean platelet volume and platelet distribution width at doses > or =100 microg/kg initially increase in a dose-dependent fashion and later decrease. However, the mean platelet volume does not(More)
Phase I studies with pegylated megakaryocyte growth and development factor (PEG-rHuMGDF), a c-Mpl ligand that stimulates megakaryopoiesis, have demonstrated that PEG-rHuMGDF is biologically active alone and causes a dose-related enhancement of platelet recovery when administered after chemotherapy. Here we report the dose-ranging pharmacokinetics of(More)
We provide evidence for two new classes of halogenated aromatic hydrocarbon ligands for the 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD or Ah) receptor: brominated naphthalenes and iodobenzenes. Polybrominated naphthalenes with four or more bromine atoms concentrated in lateral positions were shown to bind specifically and with high affinity (Kd approximately(More)