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In this paper, we discuss cooperative product development across firm boundaries. Firstly, we discuss reasons why innovation may beneficially be coordinated among firms, and we provide some empirical evidence for the existence and significance of the phenomenon. Secondly, we discuss the relevance of cooperative innovation for the construction industry(More)
In this paper we discuss the assumption of heterogeneity within the IMP Perspective. We claim that the assumption of heterogeneity in the IMP Perspective actually comprises two assumptions: (A) that the value of a single resource depends on the combination in which it is used, and (B) that a single resource is always unique in the sense that it always(More)
This paper focuses on the concept of 'connection' in the Industrial Network Approach. The concept of 'triad' has been proposed in order to overcome 'dyadic reductionism'. However, use of 'triads' seems to impose some limitations on further theory development. The concept of 'serial tetrads' is proposed in order to avoid 'triadic reductionism'. PROLOGUE In(More)
In this paper we address the issue ‘How do relationships begin?’ Based on a review of work within the IMP Approach on stage and state models of relationship evolution, we conclude that very little attention has been paid to beginnings of relationships. We discuss why this might be so, and why the issue deserves more consideration. Based on a case study, we(More)
In this paper, we present and discuss different frameworks for initiating a supply network. Thus, we try to understand how a firm designs a process of establishing a supply network and monitoring the network in the start-up phase, i.e. we study a firm's effort at initiating and operating a supply network. Furthermore, we discuss different opportunities and(More)
INTRODUCTION AND PURPOSE Due to the assumed importance of innovation for the survival and competitiveness of firms, networks, industries and nations alike, much research has focused on understanding how attempts at innovation may be encouraged and factors influencing the economic successfulness of such attempts. So far, most researchers seem to agree that(More)
In the paper we discuss how the development of a firm's capabilities is affected by the network context of the firm, and the network contexts of the firm's relationships. Based on a review of the concepts network context and network horizon, we discuss the criterion of relevance for defining a network context. Thereby we relate contexts to choices and(More)