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Keratosis follicularis spinulosa decalvans (KFSD) is a rare X linked disease which is characterised by follicular hyperkeratosis of the skin and corneal dystrophy. Seven male patients and six female carriers are described. Special attention has been paid to the dermatological and ophthalmic markers of KFSD in patients and carriers. The most prominent(More)
The results of 300 consecutive glaucoma filtering procedures, which were performed in our clinic between Januari 1982 and September 1985, are described. The overall combined success rate (complete + qualified) was 66.5 % (Heuer's classification). This is in good agreement with other glaucoma referral centers. The peak of the age distribution curve at the(More)
The influence of milk yield and milk composition on the diagnosis of Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis (MAP) by milk ELISA in the context of the total IgG secretion patterns in milk throughout lactation and serum concentrations were investigated. A 2-yr trial was performed in which 1,410 dairy cows were sampled monthly and MAP milk ELISA status and(More)
Identifying and analyzing physical asset risks was done periodic using workshops at Essent Network. Although for top 10 risk reporting a periodic, non-continuous approach is useful, for physical asset risk management it has its limitations. Why does periodic risk management not work in asset orientated companies? Which requirements are needed for asset risk(More)
Coupling Finite Element (FEM) simulations to mathematical optimisation techniques provides a high potential to improve industrial metal forming processes. In order to optimise these processes, all kind of optimisation problems need to be mathematically modelled and subsequently solved using an appropriate optimisation algorithm. Although the modelling part(More)