Else M Zantinge

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BACKGROUND GPs report that patients' psychosocial problems play a part in 20% of all consultations. GPs state that these consultations are more time-consuming and the perceived burden on the GP is higher. AIM To investigate whether GPs' workload in consultations is related to psychological or social problems of patients. DESIGN OF STUDY A(More)
BACKGROUND Younger and older generations may differ substantially in their lifetime smoking habits, which may result in generation-specific health challenges. We aimed to quantify generation shifts in smoking over a period of 25 years. METHODS We used the Doetinchem Cohort Study (baseline 1987-1991; 7768 individuals; 20-60 years; follow-up 1993-2012) and(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate if general practitioners (GPs) with a higher workload are less inclined to encourage their patients to disclose psychological problems, and are less aware of their patients' psychological problems. METHODS Data from 2095 videotaped consultations from a representative selection of 142 Dutch GPs were used. Multilevel regression(More)
BACKGROUND GPs state that patients with mental problems make heavy demands on their available time. To what extent these perceived problems correspond with reality needs more investigation. OBJECTIVES To investigate the effect of patients with psychological or social diagnoses on GP's workload, expressed in time investments. METHODS Data were derived of(More)
BACKGROUND Retirement is a life-course transition in late adult life that is marked by major changes that may affect healthy lifestyles. Our aim is to give an overview of the current knowledge on changes in smoking, alcohol consumption, physical activity and dietary habits during the transition to retirement. This may provide clues to a better targeting and(More)
BACKGROUND Sense of coherence (SOC) is a health-promoting resource within the salutogenic theory that reflects an individual's coping ability. The association between SOC and mental health has been confirmed, but its association with mortality is less clear. We examined the association between SOC and all-cause mortality in an adult Dutch population. (More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the characteristics of patients participating in a shared medical appointment (SMA); to what extent SMAs fulfil patients' needs; to evaluate if patients are better informed after an SMA and how they evaluate meeting other patients at an SMA, and how health professionals experience SMAs. DESIGN Descriptive. METHOD Fourteen(More)
BACKGROUND General practitioners' (GPs') feelings of burnout or dissatisfaction may affect their patient care negatively, but it is unknown if these negative feelings also affect their mental health care. GPs' available time, together with specific communication tools, are important conditions for providing mental health care. We investigated if GPs who(More)
BACKGROUND The extra workload induced by patients with mental health problems may sometimes cause GPs to be reluctant to become involved in mental health care. It is known that dealing with patients' mental health problems is more time consuming in specific situations such as in consultations. But it is unclear if GPs who are more often involved in(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to examine differences in the type of topics discussed during shared medical appointments (SMAs) and traditional individual outpatient visits for children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes. In addition, differences between the conversational contributions of the participants were examined. METHODS Videotapes of(More)