Elsbeth M. de Korte

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The objective of the present study is to describe the extent of productivity loss among computer workers with neck/shoulder symptoms and hand/arm symptoms, and to examine associations between pain intensity, various physical and psychosocial factors and productivity loss in computer workers with neck/shoulder and hand/arm symptoms. A cross-sectional design(More)
In 2010 15.2% of the work force in the Netherlands works with a computer at another location than at the office or at the clients' location. 27% of the Dutch working population is not satisfied about the possibility to work at home and 18% is not satisfied on the possibility to plan your own working time. The case control study affirms what has been(More)
This study investigated the effects of non-obtrusive feedback on continuous lifted hand/finger behaviour, task performance and comfort. In an experiment with 24 participants the effects of two visual and two tactile feedback signals were compared to a no-feedback condition in a computer task. Results from the objective measures showed that all types of(More)
The objective of the present study was to compare energetic workload, perceived exertion, perceived discomfort, safety, and mechanical load at lower limb joints among window cleaners during usage of extension ladders with 30 and 35 cm rung separation. Eleven healthy male professional window cleaners of short and tall stature participated in this study. No(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the effect of a tactile feedback signal on hovering behaviour, productivity, usability and comfort after 1 week of using an experimental mouse. In a randomized controlled trial, a regular computer mouse was compared to a new developed mouse with a tactile, vibrating feedback signal to prevent unnecessary hovering above(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of arm and wrist supports in reducing the workload during computer work. DESIGN Female subjects (n=10) performed computer work in conditions with arm or wrist supports and in a condition without supports. BACKGROUND Sustained muscle tension in the trapezius muscle is a risk factor for trapezius myalgia. Arm and(More)
A comparative, experimental study with repeated measures has been conducted to evaluate the effect of the use of speech recognition on working postures, productivity and the perception of user friendliness. Fifteen subjects performed a standardised task, first with keyboard and mouse and, after a six week training period, with speech recognition. The use of(More)
To study the effects of a tactile feedback signal in a computer mouse on reduction of hovering behaviour and consequently on changes in muscle load, productivity, comfort and user friendliness, a comparative, experimental study with repeated measures was conducted. Fifteen subjects performed five trials with different mouse actions and a standardised task,(More)
High precision demands in manual tasks can be expected to cause more selective use of a part of the muscular synergy involved. To test this expectation, load sharing of the index finger and middle finger was investigated during a pinching task. Myoelectric activation of lower arm and neck-shoulder muscles was measured to see if overall level of effort was(More)
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