Elsayed K. Elmaghraby

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A high pure germanium detector-based gamma-ray spectroscopy low-background counting system was used to determine the levels of natural radioactivity from beach sand samples on the Egyptian coast along the Mediterranean and Red Seas. The activity concentrations of (226)Ra, (232)Th and (40)K were found to lie in the range of 30±11 to 60±14 Bq kg(-1) with a(More)
The objective of this work is focused in measuring the level of naturally occurring radionuclides in compact fluorescent lamps commonly used in Egypt. The activity concentration of radionuclides in the (238)U and (232)Th decay chains and from (40)K were determined through gamma-ray spectrometry measurements using high-purity germanium in a low-background(More)
Three dosimetric properties of poly allyl diglycol carbonate (PADC) and their response to gamma irradiation are put forth. The variation of the optical absorption edge with the received dose can be used as a dosemeter for doses >500 kGy. The variationdielectric function is, to some extent, linear with dose logarithm but has a low precision. The fluorescence(More)
The excitation function of the proton exchange reactions on gold was investigated in the energy range from threshold up to 20MeV. We presented our experimental results upto 14MeV stacked-foil technique was used, the target was of high purity gold foils (99.99%.) Reactions cross-sections and excitation functions were studied. Both isomeric level cross(More)
The present work offers a methodology to correlate the earthquake time, magnitude and location based on the behavior of radon concentration. By correlating tectonic events to radon behavior, based on previously published radon data, radon concentration signals can be taken into consideration in decision making. Three correlations between magnitude, time and(More)
Radioactive isotopes of antimony could be produced from proton induced reactions on tin isotopes. At low energy, (p,n) reactions are the only open channels. Measurements are performed for proton reactions with (124)Sn in the energy range between 9.0 and 18.0MeV. Evaluations of the remaining possible reactions are performed and compared with each other. The(More)
The excitation functions of both Cd(p,n)(114m)In114 and Cd(p,2n)(113m)In114 reactions were evaluated experimentally by the stacked-foil technique on highly enriched (114)Cd isotope. Two stacks were irradiated by proton beam with energies 14.7 and 18MeV on the MGC-20 cyclotron at Nuclear Research Center, AEA, Egypt. The present results support the previous(More)
Nuclear medium modifies the free nucleon-nucleon interaction cross section. The modified value of the cross section has its own impact on the preequilibrium emission spectrum. Such effect increases or decreases the tendency on neutron emission in comparative with proton emission. Several model of the in-medium nucleon-nucleon interaction cross sections are(More)
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