Elsabeth Jensen

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The Transitional Discharge Model (TDM) has been used to facilitate effective discharge from psychiatric hospital to community. A summary of the research to date on TDM is given. The model is based on the provision of therapeutic relationships to provide a safety net throughout the discharge and community reintegration processes. These relationships include(More)
In this study, insomnia in 80-year-olds was related to medical, psychological and social factors. The data were based on examinations every year in people aged between 80 and 89 years. Of 333 people living in the city of Lund and born in 1908, 67% participated. Increased severity of insomnia was significantly associated with use of diuretics, other(More)
Plasma homocysteine concentrations in a group of 80-year-old persons were related to symptoms and signs. Plasma homocysteine concentrations higher than 15 micromol/l were associated with lower total life satisfaction (P<0.01), mood (P<0.05), zest for life (P<0.05), lower scores for reasoning (P<0.05), spatial ability (P<0.05), memory recognition (P<0.05),(More)
OBJECTIVE Leptin and growth hormone-binding protein (GHBP) both show gender differences that might be explained by sex hormones. To study the potential relevance of oestradiol and testosterone, we have examined 80-year-old subjects in whom oestradiol is higher in men than in women. The interrelationships between leptin, insulin, GHBP and fat mass in this(More)
The use of drugs was related to medical, psychological, and sociological parameters in an 80-year-old population. Use of drugs on the whole, as well as the use of specific drug categories such as digitalis, diuretics, other cardiovascular drugs, hypnotics, sedatives, analgesics and laxatives were related to an impaired quality of life. However, the use of(More)
Effective discharge planning is needed to facilitate clients' transition from psychiatric hospital wards to community care. Previous studies have shown that client outcomes can be improved by using a Transitional Discharge Model (TDM) that includes peer support and an extension of inpatient-practitioner relationships that are introduced prior to discharge.(More)
Objective We demonstrate the combination of several source measures into a comprehensive pooled index (PI) that measures functioning at a single point in time as well as improvement or worsening in functioning over time, and illustrate how this measure can be used to compare functioning in psychiatric clients living in three different housing types. Methods(More)
Most studies of the relation between psychological performance in the elderly and deficiencies of cobalamin and folate have used methods that determine the blood concentrations of these vitamins, which might not reflect the vitamin status in the tissues. Recently, two new markers, plasma homocysteine and methylmalonic acid, have attracted growing interest(More)
Relatively little is understood concerning the role of gender in persons with a history of mental illness residing in the community. This paper aims to explore gender's effect using data from the Community Research University Alliance project entitled, Mental Health and Housing. The primary five-year longitudinal study examined housing situations for(More)