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The incidence of leptospirosis, a widespread antropozoonosis, is underestimated due to variable clinical presentations. The abortive effect of this disease, well known in animals, is only reported rarely in humans although transplacental transmission has been demonstrated. We report 11 cases of leptospirosis in pregnant women in French Guiana. The diagnosis(More)
Hypertension remains one of the most prevalent diseases affecting our society, and its complications lead the list of causes of mortality all over the world. Most efforts to control the disease are unsuccessful, failing in at least two-thirds of affected patients, despite the availability of multiple drugs for its treatment. The limited number of(More)
Cur ren t ly i t is a s s u m e d t h a t b u t y l alcohol in t he h o m o n y m o u s f e rmen ta t i on , is o r ig ina ted f rom a reduc t ion of bu ty r i c acid t h r o u g h t he i n t e r m e d i a t e b u t y r a l d e h y d e . I n effect, in t he n o r m a l f e r m e n t a t i o n the re is a s i m u l t a n e o u s d i s appea rance of b u t y(More)
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