Elsa Excoffier

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Autism is a heterogeneous disorder that can reveal a specific genetic disease. This paper describes several genetic diseases consistently associated with autism (fragile X, tuberous sclerosis, Angelman syndrome, duplication of 15q11-q13, Down syndrome, San Filippo syndrome, MECP2 related disorders, phenylketonuria, Smith-Magenis syndrome, 22q13 deletion,(More)
Autism is a rare neurodevelopmental disorder with a strong genetic component. Co-occurrence of autism and chromosomal abnormalities is useful to localize candidate regions that may include gene(s) implicated in autism determinism. Several candidate chromosomal regions are known, but association of chromosome 22 abnormalities with autism is unusual. We(More)
UNLABELLED Social deficit is the core symptom of pervasive developmental disorder. In other child psychiatric disorders, social problems are also described but mainly as a result of the disease symptomatology. However, some recent studies suspect that in several disorders such as attention deficit hyperactive disorder, patients have an endogenous social(More)
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