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Construction of the first stage of the Pierre Auger Observatory has begun. The aim of the Observatory is to collect unprecedented information about cosmic rays above 10 18 eV: The first phase of the project, the construction and operation of a prototype system, known as the engineering array, has now been completed. It has allowed all of the subsystems that(More)
In this study we investigated the potential impact of climate change in Portugal on heat-related mortality, air pollution-related health effects, and selected vectorborne diseases. The assessment used climate scenarios from two regional climate models for a range of future time periods. The annual heat-related death rates in Lisbon may increase from between(More)
BACKGROUND Evidence that elevated temperatures can lead to increased mortality is well documented, with population vulnerability being location specific. However, very few studies have been conducted that assess the effects of temperature on daily mortality in urban areas in Portugal. METHODS In this paper time-series analysis was used to model the(More)
We review genetic programming principles, their application to FOCUS data samples , and use the method to study the doubly Cabibbo suppressed decay D + → K + π + π − relative to its Cabibbo favored counterpart, D + → K − π + π +. We find that this technique is able to improve upon more traditional analysis methods. To our knowledge, this is the first(More)
BACKGROUND The Mediterranean region is particularly vulnerable to the effect of summer temperature.Within the CIRCE project this time-series study aims to quantify for the first time the effect of summer temperature in Eastern-Southern Mediterranean cities and compared it with European cities around the Mediterranean basin, evaluating city characteristics(More)
Study of the decay asymmetry parameter and CP violation parameter in the Λ + c → Λπ + decay. Using data from the FOCUS (E831) experiment at Fermilab, we present a new measurement of the weak decay-asymmetry parameter α Λc in Λ + c → Λπ + decay. Comparing particle with antiparticle decays, we obtain the first measurement of the CP violation parameter A ≡