Elsa Carrasco

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Patients presenting to a chest clinic because of adult-onset wheezing with no history of allergy had a 90 percent prevalence of gastroesophageal reflux, even though reflux symptoms were mild or absent. Ninety patients were randomly assigned to receive cimetidine or an identical placebo or to undergo antireflux surgery. During a six-month period, all groups(More)
The prevalence of asthma in Latin America is reviewed. There are many limitations to using official national statistics, and the data presented are from surveys of restricted populations in Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, and Chile. Asthma prevalence appears to be quite variable, ranging from 0.4 percent in Peru to 4.3 percent in(More)
Ketotifen is a new chemical entity which has been shown pharmacologically to be both an anti-histamine and an anti-allergic agent. The oral activity of the compound has been investigated in a controlled study against placebo in 40 atopic and 38 non-atopic asthmatics. In atopic patients, ketotifen resulted in an improvement in asthma symptoms over the 12(More)
A double-blind, parallel group trial of a 1 mg sodium cromoglycate metered dose inhaler, a 5 mg formulation and a placebo aerosol was undertaken in 139 asthmatic patients with extrinsic allergic asthma. None of the patients had previously been treated with sodium cromoglycate and few (15%) were familiar with the use of a pressurized aerosol device. Each(More)
The safety, acceptability and efficacy of nedocromil sodium, given by metered dose inhaler at a dosage of 4 mg four times daily, were investigated in a 52-week open assessment study of 79 perennial bronchial asthmatic patients maintained on oral bronchodilator therapy. Extensive laboratory monitoring of renal, hepatic and haematological functions before,(More)