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Metallic silver is an EU approved food additive referred to as E174. It is generally assumed that silver is only present in bulk form in the food chain. This work demonstrates that a simple treatment with water of "silver pearls", meant for decoration of pastry, results in the release of a subfraction of silver nanoparticles. The number-based size and shape(More)
Free parasites were isolated from Plasmodium chabaudi-infected rat erythrocytes by N2-cavitation and purified on Percoll gradients. The membrane potential of the free parasites determined from the transmembrane distribution of the lipophilic cation, tetraphenylphosphonium, was -93 +/- 10 mV for late stage parasites and -90 +/- 3 mV for ring forms. Studies(More)
To achieve the goal of poliovirus eradication, surveillance of endemic areas is a crucial step in the poliovirus eradication program. Currently, six countries still have endemic poliovirus. We have tested a novel method which uses SDS/EDTA-treated chromatography paper strips to collect and transport poliovirus-containing stool samples. The SDS/EDTA-treated(More)
This paper presents a capacitance to digital converter (CDC) with a fast serial digital output. The CDC is intended to be used as a flexible solution for interfacing multiple capacitive sensors with maximum value lnF. A cable capacitance of up to InF can be tolerated. Two different modes of measurement are available -a normal mode and a fast mode. The(More)
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