Els Adriaens

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In spite of over 20 years of effort, no single in vitro assay has been developed and validated as a full regulatory replacement for the Draize Eye Irritation test. However, companies have been using in vitro methods to screen new formulations and in some cases as their primary assessment of eye irritation potential for many years. The present report shows(More)
The objective of this study was to produce sustained-release matrix tablets by means of injection moulding and to evaluate the influence of matrix composition, process temperature and viscosity grade of ethylcellulose on processability and drug release by means of a statistical design. The matrix tablets were physico-chemically characterized and the drug(More)
The use of Integrated Testing Strategies (ITS) permits the combination of diverse types of chemical and toxicological data for the purposes of hazard identification and characterisation. In November 2008, the European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing (EPAA), together with the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods(More)
For more than two decades, scientists have been trying to replace the regulatory in vivo Draize eye test by in vitro methods, but so far only partial replacement has been achieved. In order to better understand the reasons for this, historical in vivo rabbit data were analysed in detail and resampled with the purpose of (1) revealing which of the in vivo(More)
Medication use in nursing homes is often suboptimal. This study investigated the impact of a pharmacist-conducted medication review on the appropriateness of prescribing for Belgian nursing home residents. We conducted a 6-month controlled, non-randomized study in two nursing homes (one intervention and one control nursing home). Sixty-nine residents(More)
We compared the bone mineral density (BMD) of adult Wilson disease (WD) patients (n = 148), with an age- and gender-matched healthy control population (n = 148). Within the WD cohort, correlations of BMD with WD disease parameters, lab results, type of treatment and known osteoporosis risk factors were analysed. Hip and lumbar spine absolute BMD and T-score(More)
AIMS Few well-designed randomized controlled trials have been conducted regarding the impact of community pharmacist interventions on pharmacotherapeutic monitoring of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). We assessed the effectiveness of a pharmaceutical care programme for patients with COPD. METHODS The pharmaceutical care for(More)
The objective of this study was to limit the test procedure time of the Slug Mucosal Irritation test to one day and to determine whether it is a relevant and reliable method to predict the eye irritation potential of chemicals. The irritation potential of several eye reference chemicals can be estimated by the amount of mucus produced when tested at a 1%(More)
The present study investigates the use of a polymer mixture containing Carbopol 974P and drum dried waxy maize starch to obtain prolonged drug release to the anterior eye segment. Two dosage forms with this composition are compared: a hydrated polymer dispersion and a minitablet. A model fluorescent tracer is used to study the ocular release and diffusion(More)