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In this work we studied in rat the diuretic activity of Opuntia ficus indica (L.) Mill. (Cactaceae) waste matter. The cladodes, flowers and non commerciable fruits were collected in S. Cono (CT, Sicily) cultivation. Acute and chronic diuretic activity of 15% infusion of cladodes, flowers and fruits were assayed. Natriuresis, kaliuresis and the activity on(More)
We studied in mice the neuropharmacological effect of some 5-substituted bromopyrazolinic spirobarbiturates. LD50 and CL50 values were estimated for all the investigated compounds. The effect on potentiation of sodium pentobarbital activity and on generalised tonic-clonic seizures produced by PTZ on mice was studied. All the compounds had the same(More)
Lateral medullary infarction (LMI) or Wallenberg syndrome is a type of brain stem stroke, more specifically, a type of crossed brain stem syndrome. LMI is a well-described entity with several documented typical characteristics including pain and temperature impairment in the ipsilateral to the lesion side of the face and the contralateral side of the trunk(More)
In ovariectomized rats treated with estradiol benzoate, the pre-treatment with bromocriptine or metergoline on increase of PRL secretion induced by some prostaglandins has been investigated. The PGs used were able to hinder the drop in PRL levels induced by metergoline, a blocker of 5-HT receptors, but not that produced by bromocriptine, a dopamine receptor(More)
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