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LAGUNTXO: A Rule-Based Intelligent Tutoring System Oriented to People with Intellectual Disabilities
The LAGUNTXO System aims to achieve the performance of human tutors, going a step beyond classical tutoring systems which perform organizational tasks, and an automaton-based mechanism has been performed to technologically adapt the large amount of possibilities related to the interaction between people with disabilities. Expand
Nonlinear system control based on Neural Networks with Adaptive Predictive strategy
An Adaptive Predictive Control strategy based on Neural Networks for nonlinear systems and the simulation results show a correct online adaptation of the NN controller and the validity of the proposed control strategy. Expand
A Low-Cost, Portable Solution for Stress and Relaxation Estimation Based on a Real-Time Fuzzy Algorithm
A reliable stress and relaxation level estimation algorithm that is implemented in a portable, low-cost hardware device and executed in real time to offer an affordable and “ready-to-go” solution for medical and personal environments. Expand
AR.Drone as a platform for measurements
The number of civil applications that utilize unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) nowadays is continuously growing. Detection of gas leaks is one of the most promising directions. Using UAVs in this areaExpand
Low-Cost Platforms Used in Control Education: An Educational Case Study
A case study of the LEGO (R) MINDSTORM(R) NXT and Arduino platform is presented and it is shown how the continuously growing experience of students in relation to every low-cost platform is growing. Expand
Intelligent Multi-Objective Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (iMO-NMPC): Towards the 'on-line' optimization of highly complex control problems
An Intelligent and Multi-Objective NMPC scheme where several, and often conflicting, control objectives can be competing simultaneously in the control problem, and an expert stage is added that can adaptively change the degree of importance of each control objective according to the state of the plant. Expand
Numerical bounds to assure initial local stability of NARX multilayer perceptrons and radial basis functions
In this work, local stability on the initialization phase of nonlinear autoregressive with exogenous inputs multilayer perceptrons (NARX MLP) and radial basis functions (NARX RBF) neural networks isExpand
Real time direct kinematic problem computation of the 3PRS robot using neural networks
A methodology that uses Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) to approximate the Direct Kinematic Problem (DKP) based on the 3PRS parallel robot is proposed and a comprehensive study is carried out in which several network configurations are proposed to approximateThe DKP. Expand
A Review of Shared Control for Automated Vehicles: Theory and Applications
The complete field of shared control in automated vehicles is covered with an emphasis on these aspects: 1) concept, 2) categories, 3) algorithms, and 4) status of technology. Expand
A NARX neural network model for enhancing cardiovascular rehabilitation therapies
The results of the identification of the relationship in time, between the required exercise (machine resistance) and the heart rate of the patient in medical effort tests, using a NARX neural network model are presented. Expand