Elora Hilmas

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The prescribing and processing of parenteral nutrition (PN) orders for pediatric patients may involve multiple steps, be time-consuming, and have opportunity for error if safety measures are not in place. The process can vary from institution to institution. The authors conducted a comparison of their system for the prescribing and processing of PN orders(More)
Critically ill children often require continuous intravenous infusions of life-supporting medications. The complexity of ordering such infusions makes this an error prone process, and such errors can result in serious adverse events. A CPOE system was developed and evaluated to assess its impact on the safety and efficiency of prescribing continuous(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine if a prescription review service, at the time of discharge, enhances the accuracy and safety of prescriptions written at an academic pediatric hospital. METHODS The study took place over a 30-day period and included prescriptions written for patients being discharged from the General Pediatric and(More)
OBJECTIVES The use of continuous infusion medications with individualized concentrations may increase the risk for errors in pediatric patients. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of computerized prescriber order entry (CPOE) for continuous infusions with standardized concentrations on frequency of pharmacy processing errors. In(More)
PURPOSE The development, implementation, and evaluation of a comprehensive pediatric medication management system based on computerized orders with standardized concentrations for pediatric continuous infusions are described. SUMMARY To attain the Joint Commission mandate of using a few standardized concentrations for pediatric continuous infusion(More)
PURPOSE Development of an operational reporting dashboard designed to correlate data from multiple sources to help detect potential drug diversion by automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) users is described. METHODS A commercial business intelligence platform was used to create a dashboard tool for rapid detection of unusual patterns of ADC transactions by(More)
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