Elona O. Matveeva

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Quantification and normalization of RT-qPCR data critically depends on the expression of so called reference genes. Our goal was to develop a strategy for the selection of reference genes that utilizes microarray data analysis and combines known approaches for gene stability evaluation and to select a set of appropriate reference genes for research and(More)
Screening for producers of proteinases with fibrinolytic (plasmin-like and plasminogen-activating) and collagenolytic activities was carried out among 83 strains of microscopic fungi belonging to various ecological groups. Entomopathogenic micromycetes secreted proteinases with higher fibrinolytic and collagenolytic activity than saprotrophic, potentially(More)
The cultivation conditions (cultivation duration, nitrogen sources, and initial pH of the medium) of the strain Tolypocladium inflatum k1, a producer of extracellular proteases, has been optimized to achieve maximal plasminogen activator activity. It has been shown that Tolypocladium inflatum k1 forms at least two proteinases with activator activity towards(More)
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