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During the last decade, designers have used ASICs and DSPs to handle nearly all of the signal-processing functions associated with radio communications. Latest generation of FPGAs are so powerful that they're now displacing both ASICs and DSPs in software-radio applications. Software radio is an emerging technology, aimed to build flexible radio systems,(More)
We report on the detailed electrical investigation of all-inkjet-printed thin-film transistor (TFT) arrays focusing on TFT failures and their origins. The TFT arrays were manufactured on flexible polymer substrates in ambient condition without the need for cleanroom environment or inert atmosphere and at a maximum temperature of 150 °C. Alternative(More)
While silicon based technologies are evolving towards very advanced nanometric nodes (≤ 20nm), the emerging thin-flexible-organic-large-area electronics (a.k.a. printed electronics, PE) based on flexible substrates and functional inks are starting again the history of microelectronics at technology and device levels trying to grow up to applications(More)
Geometric design and compensation rules aim to guarantee that layout representations match final printed patterns within a valid tolerance for a desired process yield. The more conservative the rules are, the better is the yield. So, for a given process and after an experimental extraction of the required process parameters, it is possible to derive minimum(More)
Approval of the IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless local area networking (WLAN) and rapid progress made toward higher data rates have put the promise of truly mobile computing in reality. While wired LANs have been a mainstream technology for at least fifteen years, WLANs are still an unknown territory for most applications. A lot of work developing the(More)
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