Eloi Marigó

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In this work we study the feasibility to obtain the smallest CMOS-NEMS resonator using a sub-100 nm CMOS technology. The NEMS resonators are defined in a top-down approach using the available layers of the 65 nm CMOS technology from ST Microelectronics. A combination of dry and wet etching is developed in order to release the NEMS in an in-house post-CMOS(More)
We present the fabrication and characterization of a suspended microbridge resonator with an embedded nanochannel. The suspended microbridge resonator is electrostatically actuated, capacitively sensed, and monolithically integrated with complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) readout circuitry. The device is fabricated using the back end of line(More)
A top-down clamped-clamped beam integrated in a CMOS technology with a cross section of 500 nm × 280 nm has been electrostatic actuated and sensed using two different transduction methods: capacitive and piezoresistive. The resonator made from a single polysilicon layer has a fundamental in-plane resonance at 27 MHz. Piezoresistive transduction avoids the(More)
The design and test of a frequency channel selection MEMS filter implemented on a commercial CMOS technology is presented. Mechanical coupling between two clamped-clamped beams is used to obtain 0.5% frequency bandwidth in a tunable 26 MHz bandpass filter with a very low bandpass distortion (less than 0.1 dB), which makes the filter suitable for wireless(More)
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