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To evaluate paediatric CT dosimetry in Australia and New Zealand and calculate size-specific dose estimates (SSDEs) for chest and abdominal examinations. Eight hospitals provided data from 12 CT systems for 1462 CTs in children aged 0–15. Imaging data were recorded for eight examinations: head (trauma, shunt), temporal bone, paranasal sinuses, chest (mass)(More)
Lengths of stay for appendicectomy, inguinal hernia repair and cholecystectomy for the 16 districts in the Northern Regional Health Authority (NRHA) and 15 districts in the South East Thames Regional Health Authority (SETRHA) are examined using data recorded in the Hospital Activity Analysis. Considerable variations exist among districts, with the three(More)
OBJECTIVES The management of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) has one major objective today: early myocardial reperfusion. This results in a growing number of interhospital transfers of patients with ACS from general hospitals towards hospitals with interventional cardiology departments. This study's aim was to analyze the complications during transfers to(More)
In fracture experiments in 220 cast models of the axis and atlas, an attempt was made to separate two different factors influencing the position of the dens fracture (superior and inferior type): the direction of the force application and the inclination of the dens axis. For this purpose, two extreme forms of dens inclination in the sagittal plane were(More)
INCIDENCE OF MALIGNANT MELANOMA IN C~kWgRAL HESSE E. Paul, M. Rauh The entire catchment area of the Center of Dermatology at the University of Giessen is composed of six districts ccr~prising about one million inhabitants. Our calculations are only based on patients coning frcm this area. By contacting all general practitioners and dermatologists fram this(More)
  • Elodie Paul
  • Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology
  • 2007
Several studies show, that regional hyperthermic perfusion wit h cytostatic drugs can reduce the recurrence rate and prolong survival time as compared to sole surgical excision of malignant melanomas stage I. Method: The extremity is heated by means of a heat exchanger to 40 ~ C via an extracorporeal circuit, which is connected to the axillary or to the(More)
Hangman's fracture in ventrally flexed traction between 10(6) and 75 degrees is analyzed on the basis of 220 fracture trials on plaster of real bone preparations of the atlas and axis of two adults. Hangman's fractures, which are usually regarded as a form of injury from dorsal flexion, occurred in 25% of the fracture trials under this kind of strain.(More)
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