Elodie Georget

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We describe two experiments demonstrating that a cylindrical cloak formerly introduced for linear surface liquid waves works equally well for sound and electromagnetic waves. This structured cloak behaves like an acoustic cloak with an effective anisotropic density and an electromagnetic cloak with an effective anisotropic permittivity, respectively.(More)
Using PWM-driven immunoglobulin synthesis, we studied the regulatory effects of the peripheral blood T-lymphocyte subpopulations defined by the E10 antigen. This previously described antigen (E10) is present on 60% of TPBL, of T4+, and of T8+ cells. The helper activity on PWM-driven B-cell differentiation appears to be highly increased in E10- T cells. This(More)
Parallel transmission is a very promising method to tackle B1+ field inhomogeneities at ultrahigh field in magnetic resonant imaging (MRI). This technique is however limited by the mutual coupling between the radiating elements. Here we propose to solve this problem by designing a passive magneto-electric resonator that we here refer to as stacked magnetic(More)
In the present work, a real-time coaxial sensor for detecting foreign substances in aqueous solutions was developed and tested. This tool, based on a coaxial propagation line for determining the electromagnetic parameters of materials, was updated into a liquid permittivity monitoring sensor of continuous flow. A few solutions of different nature were(More)
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