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The authors report a recent series of 5 cases with Takayashu's disease and discuss the common pathological presentation of malformations of the arterial trunk, caused by disorderd development of the arterial system or by later segmental arrested development of the large trunks. The disease, which presents in the young adult as a diffuse inflammatory(More)
Based on the observation of a cyst compressing the popiteal artery, the authors discuss the characteristic clinical picture and radiology of this benign neoformation. They emphasize two possible causes: cystic degeneration of the arterial median or a cyst of articular derivation. Histological data from this observation supports the second hypothesis.
The possibility of preexcitation pathways exhibiting automatic activity was demonstrated in 3 cases: in two cases electrophysiological studies supported this diagnosis which was confirmed in the third case by histological examination of the preexcitation pathway. During sinus node dysfunction, spontaneous or induced (by rapid right atrial pacing or by a(More)
A homogenous series of 7 consecutive cases of Buerger's disease were investigated and the congenital malformations of the upper and lower limb arterial trunks were classified. These malformations constitute the anatomical basis of Buerger's disease and define an autonomous disease entity. Total supra-malleolar interruption of the main lower limb arteries(More)