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The Earthshine Project is a collaborative effort between Big Bear Solar Observatory (New Jersey Institute of Technology) and the California Institute of Technology. Our primary goal is the precise determination of a global and absolutely calibrated albedo of the Earth and the characterization of its synoptic, seasonal and inter-annual variability.(More)
—We consider problems in which a maximizer and a minimizer agent take actions in turn, such as games or optimal control with uncertainty modeled as an opponent. We extend the ideas of optimistic optimization to this setting, obtaining a search algorithm that has been previously considered as the best-first search variant of the B* method. We provide a novel(More)
— Unmanned aerial vehicles are increasingly being used and showing their advantages in many domains. However, their application to railway systems is very little studied. In this paper, we focus on controlling an AR.Drone UAV in order to follow the railway track. The method developed relies on vision-based detection and tracking of the vanishing point of(More)
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