Eloïse Kremer

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The synthesis, characterization and comparative biological study of a series of antibacterial copper complexes with heterocyclic sulfonamides were reported. Two kinds of complexes were obtained with the stoichiometries [Cu(L)2] . H2O and [Cu(L)2(H2O)4] . nH2O. They were characterized by infrared and electronic spectroscopies and the crystal structure of(More)
Occupational therapists have used activity analysis to ensure the therapeutic use of activities. Recently, they have begun to explore the affective components of activities. This study explores the feelings (affective responses) that chronic psychiatric patients have toward selected activities commonly used in occupational therapy. Twenty-two participating(More)
Trichlorooxo[1,3-propanediylbis(diphenylphosphine)-P,P ']rhenium(V), [ReCl(3)O(C(27)H(26)P(2))], crystallizes with four formula units per unit cell. The crystal structure consists of neutral complexes of [ReOCl(3)(dppp)] [dppp is 1,3-bis(diphenylphosphino)propane] packed by H.pi-ring interactions. The Re atom is octahedrally coordinated to the oxo anion,(More)
Vol.13, No.1 | 2015 | hypothesisjournal.com ABSTRACT Experimental conditions were devised, imitating prebiotic conditions in hydrothermal vents, to examine the possible prebiotic role of free purine bases in the direct synthesis of amino acids. Hypoxanthine, the biochemical precursor of adenine and guanine, was able to capture nitrite ions and be(More)
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