Elnaz Ghorbani

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Extracellular concentration of adenosine increases in the hypoxic tumor microenvironment. Adenosine signaling regulates apoptosis, angiogenesis, metastasis, and immune suppression in cancer cells. Adenosine-induced cell responses depend upon different subtypes of adenosine receptors activation and type of cancer. Suppression of adenosine signaling via(More)
BACKGROUND DNA vaccination with plasmid encoding bacterial, viral, and parasitic immunogens has been shown to be an attractive method to induce efficient immune responses. Bacteria of the genus Brucella are facultative intracellular pathogens for which new and efficient vaccines are needed. METHODS To evaluate the use of a DNA immunization strategy for(More)
Interferons (INFs) elicit antiviral responses in tumor cells upon binding to cell surface receptors. Oncolytic virotherapy (OV) is an effective antitumor therapeutic approach which in combination with standard radiotherapy or chemotherapy regimens potentiates treatment responses in cancer patients. However, oncolytic viruses are susceptible to the(More)
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