Elnatan Chagas Ferreira

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This work discusses issues concerning stability, tuning and dynamics of convergence of observer-based kinetics estimators. The analysis focuses on both continuous and discrete time formulations of the estimation algorithms. Concerning the former, it is shown that, with proper tuning, stability can be guaranteed, while simultaneously imposing a desired(More)
This paper deals with the tuning of observer-based estimators. Initially, these algorithms were designed for estimating on-line kinetic parameters, like speci"c growth rates, in bioprocesses, and have proved to be very successful in practical applications. Here a systematic tuning approach that allows a decoupled estimation of each parameter and the(More)
Allele frequencies for the fifteen STRs included in the AmpF/STR Identifiler (CSF1PO, D2S1338, D3S1358, D5S818, D7S820, D8S1179, D13S317, D16S539, D18S51, D19S433, D21S11, FGA, TH01, TPO and VWA) were estimated from a sample of 186 unrelated individuals from East Timor. No deviations from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium were observed (only after applying the(More)
L. Souto *, L. Gusmão , E. Ferreira , A. Amorim , F. Côrte-Real , D.N. Vieira e,f Centro de Biologia Celular, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal Departamento de Biologia, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal c Instituto de Patologia e Imunologia Molecular da Universidade do Porto (IPATIMUP), Portugal Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade do Porto, Portugal e(More)
One of the most important design decisions in Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) systems is choosing which electrical parameters will be used to define load signatures. In this paper, we present an experimental study where several electrical quantities of common home appliances were measured, in order to identify the most adequate to perform load(More)
A technique to eliminate the offset drift in the demodulator circuitry of open-loop interferometric fiber optic gyroscopes is presented. This technique employs a demodulation scheme that uses the area of the negative half-cycles of the output signal of a sinusoidally modulated gyroscope to obtain the angular velocity. We propose an electronic circuitry that(More)
The temperature dependence of the Brillouin frequency shift in an optical fiber is used as a way to implement fiber optic distributed temperature sensors. This work presents a simple experimental setup to characterize this linear relation. The measured temperature coefficient for the Brillouin frequency shift was 1,54 Mhz/ o C, which agrees with literature(More)
A portable thermal chamber with a volume of only 2.5 l capable of reaching temperatures over the −5 • C to 70 • C range was designed and constructed. In order to make the thermal chamber lightweight and portable, two series connected thermoelectric modules were used as actuators since their size and performance characteristics allow the portability and(More)