Elnaserledinellah Mahmood Abdelwahab

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Abdelwahab et al. ABSTRACT The historic background of algorithmic processing with regard to etymology and methodology is translated into terms of mathematical logic and Computer Science. A formal logic structure is introduced by exemplary questions posed to Fiqh-chapters to define a logic query language. As a foundation, a generic algorithm for deciding(More)
Hepatocytes are arranged in 30 microns diameter cords. A transverse section through a cord shows 4-6 wedge-shaped hepatocytes arranged around a central bile canaliculus Hepatocyte cords branch to form a continuous three dimensional meshwork which interlocks with an almost identical one of blood sinusoids. Bile canaliculi, at the centre of the cords, are(More)
— Many universities and libraries throughout the world are now making digitized versions of traditional (print) dissertations available online. The Ain Shams University Information Network, ASUNET, is the repository of the scientific theses published by the Egyptian universities since 1992 with more than one hundred fifty thousand, bilingual, Arabic and(More)
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