Elnari Zaalishvili

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PC12 pheochromocytoma cells expressing a dominant inhibitory mutant of Ha-Ras (M-M17-26) and PC12 cells transfected with normal c-RasH (M-CR3B) have been used to investigate the role of nitrosylation and farnesylation of Ras on the production of homocysteine and the activities of the redox-sensitive transcription factors NF-kappaB and c-Fos. We found that(More)
Recent observations have suggested that Ras signaling includes combinations of extracellular-signal-regulated Ras activation at the plasma membrane and endomembranes, and translocation of Ras from the plasma membrane to intracellular compartments. In this study we have shown that social isolation of rat decreases the content of Bcl-2-associated K-Ras in(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluation of the effect of citrus flavonoid - nobiletin on the bioenergetics of synaptic and non-synaptic mitochondria in the hippocampus of hypothyroid rats. METHODS Male Wistar rats were divided into hypothyroid (methimazole-treated), nobiletin supplemented hypothyroid, thyroxine-treated hypothyroid, and euthyroid (control) groups. Synaptic(More)
Hypothyroidism in humans provokes various neuropsychiatric disorders, movement, and cognitive abnormalities that may greatly depend on the mitochondrial energy metabolism. Brain cells contain at least two major populations of mitochondria that include the non-synaptic mitochondria, which originate from neuronal and glial cell bodies (CM), and the synaptic(More)
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