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Source code querying tools allow programmers to explore relations between different parts of the code base. This paper describes such a tool, named CodeQuest. It combines two previous proposals, namely the use of logic programming and database systems. As the query language we use safe Datalog, which was originally introduced in the theory of databases.(More)
Navigate code, find bugs, compute metrics, check style rules, and enforce coding conventions in Eclipse with SemmleCode. SemmleCode is a new free Eclipse plugin that allows you to phrase these tasks as queries over the codebase - it thus takes the search facilities in Eclipse to a whole new level. A large library of queries for common operations is(More)
In aspect-oriented programming, one can intercept events by writing patterns called <i>pointcuts</i>. The pointcut language of the most popular aspect-oriented programming language, AspectJ, allows the expression of highly complex properties of the static program structure.We present the first rigorous semantics of the AspectJ pointcut language, by(More)
A trace monitor observes the sequence of events in a system, and takes appropriate action when a given pattern occurs in that sequence. Aspect-oriented programming provides a convenient framework for writing such trace monitors. We provide a brief introduction to aspect-oriented programming in AspectJ. As-pectJ only provides support for triggering extra(More)
We describe <i>CodeQuest</i>, a system for querying source code. It combines two previous proposals, namely the use of logic programming and database system. Experiments (on projects ranging from 3KSLOC to 1300KSLOC) confirm that for this application, a query language based on DataLog strikes the right balance between expressiveness and scalability.
Programming accelerators such as GPUs with low-level APIs and languages such as OpenCL and CUDA is difficult, error-prone, and not performance-portable. Automatic parallelization and domain specific languages (DSLs) have been proposed to hide complexity and regain performance portability. We present PENCIL, a rigorously-defined subset of GNU C99-enriched(More)
Understanding source code is vital to many tasks in software engineering. Source code querying tools are designed to help such understanding, by allowing programmers to explore relations that exist between different parts of the codebase. The contribution of such a system-named CodeQuest-is the topic of this dissertation. One of the modern source code(More)