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The results of a considerable number of recent prospective studies have demonstrated that greater acute pain severity in herpes zoster patients is associated with a significantly greater risk of developing postherpetic neuralgia (PHN). Only a few studies have examined the relationships between acute pain severity and demographic characteristics and clinical(More)
Classical optical lithography is diffraction limited to writing features of a size l͞2 or greater, where l is the optical wavelength. Using nonclassical photon-number states, entangled N at a time, we show that it is possible to write features of minimum size l͑͞2N͒ in an N-photon absorbing substrate. This result allows one to write a factor of N 2 more(More)
Placebo control use in clinical research is contentious in areas where effective treatments already exist. Determination of appropriate standards for placebo use is especially difficult in areas such as pain treatment and psychiatry, in which substantial placebo responses can occur. Debates are characterized by three common themes: (a) whether the state of(More)
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