Elmostafa Elwarraki

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This work presents an experimental evaluation based on DSP of Combined Vector Control and Direct Torque Control strategy. This strategy permits to control torque and flux by controlling the stator current and by using a switching Table instead of PI controllers. This Control combine the characteristics of both Direct Torque Control and Vector Control to(More)
One of the most critical problems in induction motor drive is the knowledge of the current value of some induction motor parameters such as the rotor time constant, which depends strongly on temperature and frequency. This problem won't be easy to solve because of the high coupling between parameters in the nonlinear induction motor model. In order to(More)
Modeling the power component is a strong request for power electronic field. Thus, the use of a robust simulator has a great influence on the quality of electronic circuits designing. This paper is focusing on the modeling of an IGBT device using SIMULINK tool. This model based on electric elements of SIMSCAPE library can be parameterized using data from(More)
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