Elmostafa Elwarraki

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This work presents an experimental evaluation based on DSP of Combined Vector Control and Direct Torque Control strategy. This strategy permits to control torque and flux by controlling the stator current and by using a switching Table instead of PI controllers. This Control combine the characteristics of both Direct Torque Control and Vector Control to(More)
Induction Motor (IM) has several desirable features for high performance adjustablespeed operation. This paper presents the design of a robust controller for vector control induction motor drive performances improvement. Proposed predictive speed controller, which is aimed to guarantee the stability of the closed loop, is based on the Poisson-Laguerre (PL)(More)
The semiconductor devices modelling became today an indispensable tool in the electronic and power electronic fields. Recently several devices models are presented, resulting from semiconductors physics and which are intended only for the design and to the improvement of device performances themselves. On the other hand, as users one, we are interested in(More)
Modeling the power component is a strong request for power electronic field. Thus, the use of a robust simulator has a great influence on the quality of electronic circuits designing. This paper is focusing on the modeling of an IGBT device using SIMULINK tool. This model based on electric elements of SIMSCAPE library can be parameterized using data from(More)
The modeling of the semiconductor devices and the need for simulation became currently very essential in power electronics. It permits at the same time to reduce the time and the development costs of the devices, as it makes thereafter to increase the reliability of the designed circuits. By the present article, we could prove the possibility to develop(More)
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