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The percentage of relapses among the global TB incidence in Romania increased from 7.7% in 1990 to 13.1% in 1999. The study group included 648 cases with relapsing lung tuberculosis, registered in the second semester, 1997. In more than half of the cases (54.9%) the relapse occurred in the 5 years following the healing of the previous episode. The(More)
The emergence of multidrug-resistant (MDR) and extensively drug-resistant (XDR) tuberculosis (TB) substantially challenges TB control, especially in the European Region of the World Health Organization, where the highest prevalence of MDR/XDR cases is reported. The current management of patients with MDR/XDR-TB is extremely complex for medical, social and(More)
The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and the European Respiratory Society (ERS) jointly developed European Union Standards for Tuberculosis Care (ESTC) aimed at providing European Union (EU)-tailored standards for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis (TB). The International Standards for TB Care (ISTC) were(More)
Globally, there is substantial concern regarding the challenges of treating complex drug resistance patterns in multidrug resistant tuberculosis cases. Utilising data from three different settings (Estonia, Latvia, Romania) we sought to contrast drug susceptibility profiles for multidrug resistant tuberculosis cases, highlight the difficulties in designing(More)
In Bucharest, the increasing TB incidence in the age group of 15 to 19 years till 100.11/100000 in 1996 has to become a concerning matter. The study of 585 cases aged 15 to 19 registered in Bucharest between 1991 and 1995 (more than 2/3 of all the cases in that period) revealed the important proportion of secondary TB (67.4%), as well as the frequency of(More)
Techniques and therapies intended to assist in the removal of excessive mucus from the lungs are now receiving greater attention in the medical practice. Flutter-VRP1 Desitin is a new pocket-sized personal therapeutic device used in the adjuvant treatment of respiratory diseases characterized by different degrees of bronchial obstruction, mainly due to(More)
In order to demonstrate the possibility of an exclusively outpatient treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in the present conditions in our country, a study was performed on 140 cases in Bucharest. The admission criteria were as follows: sputum negative patients (M-C-); paubacillary cases, sputum positive only in culture (M-C+); Tb pleuritis; patients(More)