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The incidence of adverse drug events (ADE) is an important parameter in determining the quality of medical care. We identified the probability that a specific data source would identify ADEs in patients on the oncology ward, that could be assigned to one substance. We captured all medical adverse events (AE) from five different data sources. Each AE was(More)
Multiple databases provide ratings of drug-drug interactions. The ratings are often based on different criteria and lack background information on the decision making process. User acceptance of rating systems could be improved by providing a transparent decision path for each category. We rated 200 randomly selected potential drug-drug interactions by a(More)
BACKGROUND The well-being of breast cancer patients and reporting of adverse events require close monitoring. Mobile apps allow continuous recording of disease- and medication-related symptoms in patients undergoing chemotherapy. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to evaluate the effects of a mobile app on patient-reported daily functional activity in a(More)
In the years 1970-76 we have performed 168 cases of AO (ASIF) internal fixation of closed and compound fractures of the hand. The study gives a classification of fractures. The indications were as follows: Where closed manipulation did not give accurate reduction; where fragment dislocation was imminent and where malalignment of the fragments is already(More)
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