Elmer Zelaya Blandón

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BACKGROUND The gap between what is known and what is practiced results in health service users not benefitting from advances in healthcare, and in unnecessary costs. A supportive context is considered a key element for successful implementation of evidence-based practices (EBP). There were no tools available for the systematic mapping of aspects of(More)
BACKGROUND Socio-economic resources may be associated with infant feeding in complex patterns in societies undergoing a nutrition transition. This study evaluates associations of housing quality, food security and maternal education to the World Health Organization (WHO) feeding recommendations and to consumption of highly processed snacks (HP snacks) and(More)
BACKGROUND Millennium Development Goal 1 encourages local initiatives for the eradication of extreme poverty. However, monitoring is indispensable to insure that actions performed at higher policy levels attain success. Poverty in rural areas in low- and middle-income countries remains chronic. Nevertheless, a rural area (Cuatro Santos) in northern(More)
BACKGROUND In a post-war frontier area in north-western Nicaragua that was severely hit by Hurricane Mitch in 1998, local stakeholders embarked on and facilitated multi-dimensional development initiatives to break the cycles of poverty. OBJECTIVE The aim of this paper is to describe the process of priority-setting, and the strategies, guiding principles,(More)
Correction After publication of our article Pérez et al Int J Equity Health 2012 11:43, we became aware of some errors in the final published version, for which the corresponding author accepts full responsibility. Page 3: third paragraph, Lines 2–4: “. . ., microcredit, and technical training for those ages 15 to 30” should be read “. . ., microcredit for(More)
BACKGROUND Social inequality in child survival hampers the achievement of Millennium Development Goal 4 (MDG4). Monitoring under-five mortality in different social strata may contribute to public health policies that strive to reduce social inequalities. This population-based study examines the trends, causes, and social inequality of mortality before the(More)
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