Elmer Carl Hansen

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Myasthenia gravis is characterised by muscle weakness and fatigability, particularly of the facial and extremity muscles, deteriorating during the day. During pregnancy, myasthenia gravis is rare and the course of illness is unpredictable. The present case illustrates that first diagnosed during pregnancy, recurrent exacerbations can appear and lead to(More)
The electrophoretic mobility of human lymphocytes can be reduced by incubation with surface antigen specific antibodies under non-capping conditions. This renders subpopulations of human peripheral blood lymphocytes accessible to separation by free-flow electrophoresis. After reaction of lymphocyte preparations with anti-IgM antibody and a fluorescent(More)
The possible intermediary position of the plant acids in respiration and carbohydrate metabolism as indicated for some plant tissues, suggests that a similar situation may exist in fruit. Many fruits contain comparatively large amounts of various acids (8) and apparently have a very active acid metabolism, as shown by the changes in concentration which(More)
Blade-surface boundary layer and wake computational models for estimation of axial-flow compressor and fan blade-row fluid turning angles and losses " (1978). Retrospective Theses and Dissertations. Paper 6457. INFORMATION TO USERS This material was produced from a microfilm copy of the original document. While the most advanced technological means to(More)
20. VAN DE SANDE BAKHUYZEN, H. L. Flowering and flowering hormones (one single scheme for long day and short day plants). III.A. Photoperiodism in short day plants. Proc. Koninkl. Ned. Akad. Wetenschap. C. 56: 164-184. 1953. 21. WELLEN-SIEK, S. J., DOORENBOS, J. and DE ZEEUW, D. The mechanisnm of photoperiodism. Congr. intern. bot. Rapports et(More)