Elmer C. Lupton

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The ingestion of liquid refrigerant into the compressor, also known as liquid slugging, has been established as a common cause of failure in reciprocating compressors. Due to the difficulty of directly identifying the presence of liquid in the compressor cylinder, this paper proposes and develops a method of identifying slugging-induced overpressures in(More)
− We discuss several issues in active circuits for the rejection of ambient photocurrent over a wide dynamic range. These circuits are important for diffuse, free-space optical communications that operate over a variety of indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. In addition, we introduce, analyze and demonstrate a second-order rejection circuit based on a(More)
This article details a new method that has been developed to transmit auditory and visual information to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. In this method, ordinary fluorescent lighting is modulated to carry an assistive data signal throughout a room while causing no flicker or other distracting visual problems. In limited trials with participants who(More)
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