Elmer B. Brown

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During mammalian cortical development, neuronal precursors proliferate within ventricular regions then migrate to their target destinations in the cortical plate, where they organize into layers. In the rat, most cortical neuronal migration occurs during the final week of gestation (Bayer et al, 1991; Jacobson, 1991). At this time (E15-E21), reverse(More)
Dynamic and quantitative studies of the binding of fibrinogen (Fg) to its receptor, GPIIb-IIIa, on activated platelets, leading to platelet aggregation, are best studied with fluorescently-labelled Fg by flow cytometry. Due to conflicting reports on the functionality of FITC-labelled Fg, we have developed a reproducible and 'mild' labelling of fibrinogen(More)
To learn whether patients taking beta-blocker (BB) drugs were at increased risk of having systemic reactions (SRs) from allergen immunotherapy, we prospectively studied 56,105 injection visits in 3178 patients during a 1-year interval. A total of 166 SRs occurred in 144 patients (4.5% of all patients) or 3.0 SRs occurred per 1000 injection visits.(More)
Young rats were made iron deficient by feeding them a low-iron diet for 8 wk. Iron deficiency resulted in a 50% decrease in cytochrome c and cytochrome oxidase and a 26% decrease in mitochondrial glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in skeletal muscle. Respiratory capacity of muscle homogenates was reduced 55%. After 8 days of iron treatment,(More)
The uptake by human and rat reticulocytes of and “Fe bound to transferrin has been studied. The results indicate a significant difference between the behavior of the two isotopes in both human and rat incubation mixtures. Reticulocyte uptake of “In from human and rat serum was 30% and 12% that of the “Fe after a 30-mm incubation. The process was temperature(More)