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A very high ozone episode with observed hourly values above 350 μg m(-3) occurred in July 2005 at the Lamas d'Olo air quality monitoring station, located in a mountainous area in the north of Portugal. Aiming to identify the origin and formation of this ozone-rich episode, a statistical analysis and a modelling approach were applied. A cross-spectrum(More)
This paper describes the pre-operational analysis and forecasting system developed during MACC (Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate) and continued in the MACC-II (Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate: Interim Implementation) European projects to provide air quality services for the European continent. This system is based on seven(More)
A thermodynamic model of the system H(+)-NH₄(+)-Na(+)-SO₄²⁻-NO₃⁻-Cl⁻-H₂O is parametrized and used to represent activity coefficients, equilibrium partial pressures of H₂O, HNO₃, HCl, H₂SO₄, and NH₃, and saturation with respect to 26 solid phases (NaCl(s), NaCl·2H₂O(s), Na₂SO₄(s), Na₂SO₄·10H₂O(s), NaNO₃·Na₂SO₄·H₂O(s), Na₃H(SO₄)₂(s), NaHSO₄(s), NaHSO₄·H₂O(s),(More)
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