Elmar Friese

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A very high ozone episode with observed hourly values above 350 μg m(-3) occurred in July 2005 at the Lamas d'Olo air quality monitoring station, located in a mountainous area in the north of Portugal. Aiming to identify the origin and formation of this ozone-rich episode, a statistical analysis and a modelling approach were applied. A cross-spectrum(More)
The chemistry transport model system EURAD-IM and its variational data assimilation implementation are applied to air quality assessment problems. The facility of joint initial value and emission rate optimisation together with a nested 4d-var module is employed to the measurement campaign BERLIOZ. To emphasise the benefits of computationally efficient data(More)
The different synthesis of polygalacturonase (PG) and pectinesterase (PE) by aggregated mycelium of the strainAspergillus niger ZIMET 43 692 can be regulated to a certain degree by the kind and concentration of the carbon source and the fermentation time. The various enzyme mixtures are applicable for special purposes in fruit and vegetable processing.
A thermodynamic model of the system H(+)-NH₄(+)-Na(+)-SO₄²⁻-NO₃⁻-Cl⁻-H₂O is parametrized and used to represent activity coefficients, equilibrium partial pressures of H₂O, HNO₃, HCl, H₂SO₄, and NH₃, and saturation with respect to 26 solid phases (NaCl(s), NaCl·2H₂O(s), Na₂SO₄(s), Na₂SO₄·10H₂O(s), NaNO₃·Na₂SO₄·H₂O(s), Na₃H(SO₄)₂(s), NaHSO₄(s), NaHSO₄·H₂O(s),(More)
This paper describes the pre-operational analysis and forecasting system developed during MACC (Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate) and continued in the MACC-II (Monitoring Atmospheric Composition and Climate: Interim Implementation) European projects to provide air quality services for the European continent. This system is based on seven(More)
Ergebnisse. 6- und 16-jährige Kinder und Jugendliche im Land Brandenburg sind 1999 durchschnittlich schwerer, größer und haben höhere BMI-Werte als Ende der 80er Jahre in derselben Region. Die Streuungen für das Körpergewicht und den BMI sind gestiegen. Dementsprechend hat der Anteil übergewichtiger und adipöser Kinder und Jugendlicher z. T. zugenommen.(More)
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