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The effect of menstrual cycle on the pharmacokinetics of theophylline has been studied in 9 female asthmatic patients. At three different times during the cycle (first, tenth and twentieth days) each subject received an i.v. infusion of 240 mg theophylline. Significant changes were found in the kinetics of theophylline according to the menstrual cycle. The(More)
We assess orthostatic hypotension (OH) prevalence in elderly fallers and determine OH-associated risk factors in this patient population. A monocentric prospective study at Lille University Hospital Falls Clinic included 833 consecutive patients who had fallen or were at high risk of falls and who were assessed for the presence of OH. Among 833 patients(More)
Electronically Steerable Passive Array Radiator Antenna (ESPAR) is a smart antenna that can help to improve the performance and effectiveness of wireless network systems, especially in ad hoc networks. There are several benefits that can be attained by smart antenna, such as better range and coverage, increased capacity, multipath rejection and reduced(More)
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