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Studies of calcium and phosphorus metabolism and acid-base balance were carried out on three Fleet Ballistic Missile (FBM) submarines during prolonged exposure to elevated concentrations of CO2. The average CO2 concentration in the submarine atmosphere during patrols ranged from 0.85% to 1% CO2. In the three studies, in which 9--15 subjects participated,(More)
To localize the different domains of the laminin-1 molecule in tissues and gain insight into their in vivo relevance, we raised rat anti-mouse monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) against the entire molecule. Then we tested eight of the 20 clones producing anti-laminin-1 MAbs to specify their reactivity towards the alpha 1-, beta 1-, and gamma 1-chains and the(More)
Differentiated C1300 mose neuroblastoma cells were treated with 10−4−106 M γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and/or sodium bromide (NaBr) for 2 days and then fixed. Quantitative studies revealed an increase in the length and branching of the processes, as well as an increase in the number of cells when compared to the controls. It is suggested that the above(More)
An in situ embedding technique for monolayer cultures for subsequent ultrastructural studies is described. Dehydration is carried out in graded ethanol series without propylene oxide, and Epon is used as a final embedding medium. The advantage of this method is that the plastic flask with the embedded material can be stripped off easily without affecting(More)
Growth cones of differentiated neuroblastoma cells in monolayer cultures were studied by electron microscopy. Morphological differentiation of the growth cone formation was induced by sodium bromide. Upon prolonged application of 10(-4) to 10(-5) M sodium bromide to the cultures, a peculiar or modified formation of the growth cone occurred. Growth cones(More)
The effects of high-salt diets, cold, and heavy exercise have been examined in 33 Marine Corps volunteers living and working in a cold chamber. Temperatures varied from -29 degrees C during working hours to -4 degrees C, simulating partly warmed shelters, at night. Dehydrated operational rations were eaten and fluid intakes were controlled. When quantities(More)
A sizeable group of biochemical, hematologic and physiologic variables that significantly affect the prognosis for diseases of aging, especially for coronary heart disease (CHD), were studied in 1017 submariners. Skinfold thickness in these subjects was determined to be higher than in most other groups of men of similar age; the total level of body fat was(More)
Control biochemical and hematologic data were gathered for 1017 healthy submariners who ranged in age from 19.5 to 43.5 years. Means, standard deviation, and frequency distribution are presented for 24 whole blood and serum variables and, where appropriate, for 11 urinary variables. After statistical separation of the effects of aging and length of(More)